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Welcome to Sign in | Join | Help is a web site dedicated to both documenting our build of a Cozy MKIV as well as providing resources to the Cozy/Canard building community.  The later is a mouth full considering the excellent resources already available (see below). 

Right off the bat you should know, I'm not an expert.  Everything that is shown here should be taken with a grain of salt.  This is my first experience in working with composite material, building a Cozy aircraft, etc, etc, etc.

Credit for the above photo of the Cozy featured with the title goes to Erika Gimple.  See more of her photo's and mine of Lloyd & Erika Gimple's great looking bird at (my old RV web site).

Here are some of the major resources you should check out:
The Unofficial Cozy Builders Web Site by Marc Zeitlin (with links to other builder's web sites, documents, information and much more!
The Canard Community - An excellent Forum for Canard Builders
The Canard Zone - Another great forum for Canard Builders
The Canard Wiki - A wiki for canard aircraft
The Cozy Aircraft - What list would be complete without a link to the official Cozy web page?
The Central States Association - If you're building or flying a canard you really need to join this association.  Great ideas by builders, flyers and life long tweakers of canard aircraft.  Of course I'm not prejudice - I'm the New Mexico state representative!
There are many builders web sites that should be checked out, not only to see how things are done but for innovation and creativity in tackling the build, modifying how the build is done or great changes that you can incorporate into your own build.  Some of these builders have web sites and some don't (you may only find them on the forums).
Here is a list of a small number of builder sites I check out regularly (not in any order of importance):
Wayne Hicks - great ideas & how-to's - an innovative builder
Phillip Johnson - a must see if you're thinking of a Subie install!
Bernard Siu - Good ideas and documentation of build
Greg Richter - A jet Powered Cozy
Brian DeFord - A good resource
John Slade - A must see even if you're not going to do a turbo rotary!
Rick Maddy - Great resource with lot's of pictures showing - 'How-To'
Jerry Schneider - Another innovative builder and great resource
Marc Zeitlin - One of the original web meisters for the Cozy
James Redmon's Berkut - Berkut site with awesome videos - a must check out!
Last but certainly not least is:
The Cozy Girrrls -  Builders, metal parts suppliers, innovators, turbo rotary, home of the Cozy Girrrls strakes, developers of the Lo-Vac System, gee will it ever stop - I hope not!!!

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